Special Abilities

Name Essence Cost Info
Coup de Grace Any creature with 20% health is put to death.
Spiritual Gauntlet 47 A ranged attack that deals 8-17 magical damage.
The Perfect Knight All successful attacks against Magical Beasts are counted as critical hits.
Battle Roar 47 Stuns enemies for 2 turns.
Weapons Expert + 2 to hit and defend.

+ 10% damage boost.

Armour Expert Cost to repair any armour is halved.
Wizard Key 47 Intelligence check vs power of door.
Jolt 47 A ranged attack that deals 75% maximum melee attack damage.
Atomic Essence + 10% maximum Essence boost.
Nimble Leap 47 Leap anywhere within line of sight.
Backstab 47 Critical hit unless enemy is facing you.
Roguelike + 50% bonus for opening locks and disarming traps.
Scourge of the Undead All successful hits vs Undead creatures are counted as critical hits.
Beloved of the Gods Each shrine you visit of same alignment as your own will heal you by 10%.
Piety Cost to be healed or repent your sins at the church is halved.

Warfare Abilities

Level Name Essence Cost Info
1 Knockout Punch 47 Knock out enemies for 1 turn.
1 Precise Strike 47 Half damage.

+ 10 chance to hit.

1 Mighty Smash 94 110% damage.

Enemy knock back.

1 Battle Tactician + 5% melee critical hit chance per point.
1 Shout of Rage + 8 Battle rage per shout.

Enrage foes for one turn.

Arcane Abilities

Level Name Essence Cost Info
1 Magic Missile 71 Magical damage.

+ Magical damage per Level Up. + Magical damage per point.

1 Nocturnal Slumbers 71 Knock out enemy for 3 turns.
1 Innate Sorcery + Essence regeneration per point.
1 Fireball 71 Fire damage.

+ Fire damage per Level Up. + Fire damage per point.

1 Spiderwebs 102 Unable to move for 3 turns.

+ turn(s) per point. + range per point.

Survival Abilities

Level Name Essence Cost Info
1 Locksmith + 10% chance of picking locks.

+ improve chance per point.

1 Traps Expert + 10% chance of disabling traps.

+ Improve chance per point.

1 Master Chef Food/Potion consumed replentishes hunger by 5%.

+ Improve per point.

1 Cruel Words 47 Confuse enemy for 1 turn.

+ turn(s) per point.

1 Defensive Specialist + 2 Melee, ranged and magic defence per point.