These are the types of gladiators that you can choose. There are...


Known to be tireless. So, You don't need to worry if you collapsed from fatigue. It lives in Drakondier. So, this gladiator may be perfect if you are to lazy to press the sleep button.


T'Kashi's are the mostly used type of gladiator. It would take long to get hunger pangs. It slows down 50% of your hunger dropping each step in the dungeon/arena. People that chose T'Kashi's usually experienced hunger pangs before.


Guntherians are known harsh, and survive the cold. Like Scotland, in Brandor version. Perfect for a knight class. Because, Guntherians increase health by 5%


Eddites are rich people in the past. So, they gave you 5% discount and extras in shop. Perfect for gladiators searching for money.

Eldor Hathian

Great for mages. TThis gladiator type is the 2nd most used gladiator type. Many mages, 1 Eldor Hathian. Increases magicka by 5%


Perfect for lazy people. Plus, it can see through the dark, no more being eaten by a grue. Rogues please pick these also.


Best to be resourceful. 25% more space in the backpack. Why? they can carry heavy things. I love them.


Finally, braxians. When you level up, skill boosts by 5% mastery. For the best gladiators, pick braxians. Better than Phaetorians in my opinion.

Test this out in the game! :D